All Trooper Trained Instructors are certified to provide training for Illinois concealed carry permits. We are actively registering applicants for the Illinois CCW classes - The demand in this instruction is high - Pre-register now to guarantee your seat in one of the earliest classes provided. It is also strongly suggested that everyone completes the UTAH CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT class.  The UTAH CCW permit will allow an ILLINOIS CCW permit holder to carry outside Illinois into nearly 30 states under reciprocity which is not authorized with the Illinois CCW permit.  Our insurance requires that ONLY a strong side belt secured holster be used. Cross draw, shoulder holster and ankle holsters are not permitted.       
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Class Schedule:
Illinois Concealed Carry
Illinois concealed carry permit classes are being taught now and requirements vary on each student's prior training as may be accepted by Illinois law.

TO REGISTER, call or email us with your full phone number at Email for class enrollment, as classes are restricted in size for the students' comprehension, comfort, and safety.

Weekday and weekend classes are available.
Cash or personal check payments accepted at sign in, day of class.
Class Location: Stu Wright's Gun Shop - 1104 South Main Street, Pinckneyville, IL. 62274
All classes include outdoor firing range qualification with "one on one" instructor/student ratio.
For a full class listing click on classes or select 'Classes & Registration' on the top menu.
Participants will need to bring eye and ear protection and appropriate amount of ammunition.
(See class info for details)
Classroom Location: Stu Wright's Gun Shop - 1104 South Main Street, Pinckneyville, IL. 62274
Class Information:
Instructors at Trooper Trained LLC are certified to provide Illinois CCW training and we are actively registering students for this two day (16 hour + 30 round pistol qualification) training. Sign up on line to secure your seat and we will call you with class options to get you instructed in the IL CCW permit class as the classes meet your availability. Class costs are $100 for one-day 8-hour course and $200 for the 16-hour course. Students must bring hearing and eye protection, 100 rounds of factory ammunition, handgun with STRONG SIDE BELT SECURED HOLSTER. Our insurance DOES NOT allow for shoulder holsters, cross draw holsters, or ankle holsters due to their inherent risks on a firing range.
Mission Statement:
Concealed Carry and Handgun Instruction: Trooper Trained LLC consists of three decorated and honorably retired Illinois State Troopers with over 80 years of combined law enforcement experience.  We have a combination of over 50 years of intra and inter departmental instruction in firearms, tactics, sniper operations, and CQB (close quarters battle).  In addition, and perhaps more importantly, we have specific expertise in the use of force continuum.  Knowing when to shoot and when NOT to shoot is just as critical as knowing HOW to shoot.  We will instruct you in the SAFEST and most PROFESSIONAL manner possible. Carrying a concealed firearm is a serious decision. So to, is choosing your concealed carry instructor.  We are located in Pinckneyville, Illinois (35 miles north of Carbondale, Illinois).   [ Instructors ]